The focus of this page is resources and discussion for the educationalist.

We start with a series on “neuromyths”.

Neuromyth 1: You only use 10% of your brain … so “they” say.

Ever wondered where this piece of nonsense came from? In the first article, we trace where this seems to have come from and discuss possible reasons why it can be appealing to people.

However, you use all of your brain.

Find out more in the article.

Future Topics

  • The myth that there are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners
  • Sense and nonsense about “left-brain” people and “right-brain” people
  • The debate over learning styles
  • The accuracy of memory
  • People are good judges of their abilities
  • The myth of multitasking. Here’s a hint: what most people called multitasking is not; it is continuous partial attention and the news should send us rushing to our mindfulness practice

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