Books – Instructional Desgin

Here are the books I found particularly helpful in developing the training program The Heart of Instructional Design.

Ambrose, SA, Bridges, MW, DiPietro, M, Lovett, MC & Norman, MK 2010, How learning works: 7 Research-based principles for smart teaching, Kindle edn, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., San Francisco, CA. doi:6686332-5412811

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Branch, RM 2009, Instructional design: The ADDIE approach, Kindle edn, Springer, New York. doi:7008427-2321651

Clark, RC, Nguyen, F & Sweller, J 2006, Efficiency in learning: Evidence-based guidelines to manage cognitive load, Pfeiffer, San Franscisco, CA

Clark, RC & Mayer, RE 2008, e-Learning and the science of instruction: Proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multmedia learning, 2nd (Kindle) edn, John Wiley & Sons, San Francisco, CA

Clark, RC 2010, Evidence-based training methods: A guide for training professionals, ASTD Press, Alexandria, Virginia

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The Cross Sectoral Assessment Working Party 2011, Teacher’s Guide to Assessment, ACT Government,, Accessed 20 January 2013

Dirksen, J 2012, Design for how people learn, New Riders, Berkeley, CA

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